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Impact of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority's interventions on working environments and health

Would you like to participate in the research project “Impacts of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority’s interventions on working environments and health in the home care service”?


The aim of the research project is to find out whether the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority’s interventions help to reduce exposure to occupational health hazards and to prevent occupational disorders and diseases. The agency’s most important interventions are supervision and providing advice on systematic health and safety work. Municipal enterprises that provide home care services have been randomly selected and then randomly split into three experimental groups and one control group. One experimental group will be supervised by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, while the other two groups will receive various kinds of advice from it. The interventions will be performed at the enterprise level, and the impacts on working environments and health outcomes will be measured at the individual level. Employees at the selected enterprises who wish to participate will receive questionnaires for working environment and health surveys before and after the interventions. We will use statistical analysis to investigate whether the levels of exposure and health problems are lower amongst employees in the experimental groups than those in the control group.
The interventions that will take place at your workplace will already have been randomly decided before you are sent the first questionnaire. In other words, your answers will not be able to influence the interventions performed by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority at your workplace.

Who is responsible for the research project?

The National Institute of Occupational Health (STAMI)
The research project is a collaboration with the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority

Why are you being asked to participate?

You are being asked to participate because you work at a municipal enterprise that provides home care services and your municipality has been randomly selected to participate in the study. Out of a total of 422 Norwegian municipalities, we have randomly selected 136 municipalities with a total of 7,000 employees working in the home care service.
We have been given your contact details by your employer.

What will you have to do if you participate?

If you choose to participate in the project, you will have to complete a questionnaire four times between January 2019 and December 2020. The questionnaire is normally completed online (if necessary it can be done on paper or through an interview). It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire, which includes questions about your working environment and health, such as: Can you influence decisions that are important to your work?, and During the last four weeks, have you experienced any of the following health problems: headaches, or pain in your neck, back, hips, legs, knees or feet?
To investigate whether the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority’s interventions help to create a better working environment where fewer employees develop health problems and where there is less sickness absence, we will make use of NAV’s records on sickness absence, work assessment allowances and disability benefits. In other words, the information from the questionnaires will be cross-referenced with any information from NAV’s databases. By doing this we can study the links between working environments, health problems and sickness absence in the home care service.

Participation is voluntary

Participation in the project is voluntary. If you choose to participate, you can withdraw your consent whenever you like without needing to give any reason. All of the information about you will then be anonymised. If you don’t want to participate, or if you decide to withdraw, you will not suffer any repercussions.

Data protection – how we store and use your personal data

We will only use the information about you for the purposes described in this document. We will treat all data confidentially and in accordance with current Norwegian data protection legislation.

You will not be identifiable in our research publications.

What happens to your data when we have completed the research project?

The project is scheduled to finish on 31/12/2024. Once the project has been completed, the data will be anonymised.

Your rights

For as long as you are identifiable in the data, you have a right to:

On what basis are we entitled to process your personal data?

We will process your personal data on the basis of your consent.
At the request of STAMI, NSD – Norwegian Centre for Research Data has assessed that the processing of personal data in this project complies with Norwegian data protection legislation.

Where can I find out more?

If you have any questions about the study, or wish to exercise your rights, please contact: